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Yamataï – a board game by Bruno Cathala and Marc Paquien, published by Days of Wonder

Queen Himiko has tasked every builder in the kingdom with a prestigious mission: build the capital of Yamataï and make it the jewel of the archipelago. Your task: surpass your competitors and build the most prestigious city of them all, using resources from the fleets that travel through the kingdom. Prepare your strategy, recruit specialists, and do whatever is necessary to become the best builder and be rewarded by Queen Himiko for your work. In the end, only one name will be remembered as the greatest builder of Yamataï!

In Yamataï, players compete to earn prestige points using different strategies. Clear the different islands of the archipelago to recruit powerful specialists that will assist you, or use the resources carried by the boats that navigate between them to construct buildings on the islands! And, if you’re skilled enough, try creating prestigious buildings such as high temples or rare torii.

However, you are not alone in competing for Queen Himiko’s favor… will you manage to surpass your opponents?


Extra informatie

Naam Yamataï
Fabrikant Days of Wonder
Speelsoort Bordspel
Aantal spelers 2-4
Taal Engels
Leeftijd 13+
Speelduur 75-90 minuten
Uitgiftejaar 2017
Spelgenre Nee

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